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KTHPKC (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2006 at 4:27pm
Music: Megadeth
I learned today that I'm an uncultured heathen, uncouth and crass.

We had to read the play "M. Butterfly" for my English class, which is a good play so read it. Anywhos, the opera "Madame Butterfly" is mentioned time and time again in the play because it is the main character's favorite opera. So today we watched part of it in class. I was excited, I was finally going to see what all the fuss was about. And then...

Then I learned, about a minute or two in, that I frickin hate the opera. Seriously. They're carrying on and on, making exaggerated moves and opening their mouths so wide you can see their tongues moving around inside. All I wanted to see was the end of the opera, when the heroine (Cho Cho-san aka Madame Butterfly) kills herself. Frickin, I was gonna kill myself before she even got to grabbing her knife and committing seppuku.

I'm not an opera person except when on a killing spree playing GTA. So phooey to all you posh folks, saying that opera is an art and worth being enjoyed. I'd much rather go to a Rammstein concert, thank you very much ;p
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02-08-06 4:47pm

I enjoy a castrato opera from time to time... they make me feel better about myself.

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02-08-06 8:23pm

Uncultured swine. I don't think I can look at you anymore.

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02-08-06 10:59pm

yeah opera is pretty bad. I remember having to go to one in 6th grade. x_X

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02-08-06 11:54pm

Opera makes me lose faith in humanity. How is shrieking at the top of your lungs considered high culture when spaced out psychedelic rock (or Rammstein) isn't? That doesn't make any sense.

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