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tonyp. (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2006 at 7:51pm
chads opening a shop in grant and he wants me to work there. i think this is gona be good for me i think. gona go to colledge, take some art
classes, gona work a real tattoo shop. yea its all falling into the big picture
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02-09-06 8:17pm

oh my god tony! im soooo sorry to hear about your mom. i really am...i always loved your mom regard the things with sam and brad...tell her i still love her and im ALWAYS here for you guys! and its really great to hear about your tattooing going well and im happy that youre going to college...whether you get a degree or least youre taking that step to further yourself and your business! congrats!

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02-10-06 8:51pm

hey just to let you know i sent you a picture.

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