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pixeldot (profile) wrote,
on 2-9-2006 at 12:49am
Current mood: confused
"Crushes" are a curse by god, sent to all typical teenage females. Thus, I regretfully anounce that I have, once again, been smitten by the nasty love bug. But it's an actual person now! An actual flesh and blood human living in a 100 mile radius of my house, whom I talk to on a regular basis. Not an anime character, or video game foe, or old poet from the 19th century, or hollywood star.

Yes... I have a new crush. Rather, this is an old crush. A WAY old crush.

I recently went through my old personal diary entries... written WHILE I was going out with stunkel (Written in April 2005). It said...

"It's probably some sort of moral sin to look upon your boyfriends best friend with a romantic gaze...."

Then in a later entry, in July 2005...

"Jorie told me today that I should go out with him. I feel as though I was turning a blind eye to fate by shrugging the possibility off."
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