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Shinigami (profile) wrote,
on 2-9-2006 at 4:01pm
So yeah, sent info to the wrong college, sent in my application to San Francisco State University. It's still cheaper than Hawaii, so I am most likely going there.
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02-09-06 4:12pm

I thought it was more expensive?

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Re:, 02-09-06 11:10pm

Sorry, a little confusing. I sent for info from San Francisco University when I ment to send for San F. State University. Francisco State is about $15,000, whereas Hawaii is $20,000.

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02-10-06 1:54am

im totally going to UH fall semester. but then i live here. so yea..

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02-10-06 6:09am

Go to Hawaii anyway. You want to.

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03-04-06 12:39pm

When did you decide this and why haven't you talk to me? have you been busy or is it someting elts? I miss you? whats up?

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