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KTHPKC (profile) wrote,
on 2-12-2006 at 9:34pm
Music: Spieluhr-Rammstein
Subject: I'm goin insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane!!!!
'ello all. So yesterday Tracey and I had the privilege to see the first episode from the new Hellsing OVA. Can anybody say drool? Cuz drool it is!

ZOMIGOSH!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Not only is the animation style more like the style from the manga, but it also follows the manga much closer than anything else I've ever seen! And the music...oh the ears were about ready to have orgasms when they heard the music. Yes, it's that good.

And the best part? NAZIS my friends, nazis. The OVA will contain the lubberly nazis which we encounter in the manga, as well as the great and mighty Rip van Wrinkle.

In other news, I need to cut my hair. And I saw my parents and Andy today. Mom gave me socks for the accursed day; they's gots cows on 'em!!! And "Moo" written underneath the cows. I squealed with joy, I did ~_^
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