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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 2-17-2006 at 11:08pm
Current mood: Tired And Excited
Subject: Definitly Not An Ordinary Day Lol.
So you want to talk about an exciting couple of days... i got it! Yeah, so yesterday was the lovely ice storm of the century. And of course, we lost power along with like 17,000 other people. My dad, my mom, and I all had a candle-light spaghetti dinner last night. I went to bed at, get this, 8:00. I read my book "Phantoms" for about 30 minutes then i just crashed. Their was absalutly nothing to do but have like a stairing contest with my dogs or something lol. Then my dad work me up at like 7:30 and asked me if i wanted to go with him to get our generator from up north. So of course i did because i knew he would buy me breakfast from BK and plus, what else was their for me to do. Oh and about the power cutting out on Thursday- it would cut out on Thursday, the BEST night for my shows! Their was a new Surviver, Without A Trace, AND the best... CSI! Since we have Tivo it normally records things for us, but yeah no recording went on Thrsday night... rar! Anyways so back to this morning, after we got home i started my car cuz like everything was frozen and i didnt want my car to like freeze. Well i had it on for like 30 minutes just warming up, and i still couldnt scrap all the ice completley off of it. It was ridiculous. Then i like called everyone and their brother to see who had electricity and who didnt so that i could take a shower somewhere. Then finally ashley called me and she was going to her dads so of course im going with her lol! On the way there me and Ash were talking about how like everything like the trees and well just everything was frozen and the sun was shining on everything so it seemed like we were living in a glass world. We were talking about how like... its like in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" and like the whole world is just froze over haha. So yeah when we got here, i took a shower and ooo boy, that shower was the greatest lol. Then me, Ashley, and Brina went to Alpine to go shopping. First we went to Khols and got Brina like 2 outfits, then we went to Target and get her 3 more! She is such a bad kid lol, we were walking in Target like up and down the rows and in her sweet little 3 year old voice she goes... "bbbiitccchh" haha, its so disturbing lol. We picked out some new shoes for her too! There so adorable. So yeah... OMG! Ok so at Target, we were leaving and we were going to the driving exit and Ashley goes "What is that! And why is their windows fogged!? OMG KELLI! LOOK! THEIR HAVING SEX!" I like freaked out. Who has sex in a Target parking lot in the middle of the fucking day! So i told her to turn back and like park right next to them, so she was driving up like next to them and they were like putting their shirts back on hahahahahaha! What an expirence. Once in a life time lol. So yeah after that lovely time, when we got back here (*to Ashleys dads*) he took us all out to dinner. We went to Sams Joint in Rockford, and of coures i got shrimp cuz im obsessed lol. Ashley knew what i was gunna order even before i ordered lol. Then after that Ashley convinced him to bring us to Cold Stone.... YAY! I love Cold Stone:). I had ice cream with M&M's in it... I love how they make it like right in front of you. Brina didnt want anything but sprinkles... lol, no ice cream no nothing, just plain sprinkles lol. I love Ashleys dad. He's like, bomb haha. On Sunday im going over to Brittany Hansons and were going to Chic (Sheekk) to get our hair died with some highlights or lowlights idk yet! Im excited but i dont really know what im getting yet so if anyone has any ideas... comment on if you think i should go darker or lighter... cuz i have no idea!

Anyways i think this journal was long enough and i know the only one whos actually gunna read this whole thing is Ashley so yeah bye lol!
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02-17-06 11:48pm

Good times today lol.

Love you!

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02-19-06 4:09pm

I read it!

Sounds like you had a blast (:

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02-19-06 4:57pm

Ohh yeah definatley get some low-lights.
That'd be hott

ow ow!

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Re:, 02-22-06 11:56am

Ya I Got Low And High, And Ug Big Mistake... Im Going Back And Getting It Re-Dyed. They Said Since I Really Didnt Like It, I Could Come Back And Get It Re-Dyed For $1.50 So Thank God For That Haha! <3

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