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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 2-20-2006 at 1:08pm
i should get around and take a shower. i stayed at keegans last night.. now hes at work. he stayed at my house friday. basically this has just been an us weekend.. which is noneless than wonderful.

yesterday was another rampage game. no need to update about what an incredible amazing FANTASTIC boyfriend i have... i think everyone knows that. (really.. though, mines the best.... :)

we got lucky at my house, we only lost power for like 3 hours on thursday or whenever the storm hit, and then saturday morning we lost it for about 4 hours... but other than that... i've been warm, toasty, and using electronics over here.... hate me if you must. *smiles*

my moms boyfriend/friend/whatever he is is leaving today to fly back to conneticut... (thats where he lives) im sad hes leaving... but a little releived. why.. im not sure. probably because he's been over at our house like every day.

i dont think my hair is brown enough now. perhaps i'll get it dyed next time instead of putting alot of lowlights in. or perhaps i'll go back to being blonde. ehh... who knows.

the whole house is clean... and i made french toast when i got home today. how keegan can not like french toast is beyond me. loser.

its so nice not having to tan anymore. i hate tanning.. its so incredibly bad for your skin. the only time i EVER want to tan is for dances and my wedding.. lol. and seems how i only plan on getting married once and only have prom left.... my skin will stay youthfull and magnificant. so HA all you crispy skinned tan-o-holics.

i really dont have a single other thing to say now.

wooo school tomorrow. wooo 2 impossible deadlines to meet on friday.

this week WILL suck hardcore.
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02-20-06 9:05pm

I hear ya on the impossible deadline business. ARGH

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