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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 2-22-2006 at 8:52am
monday keegan and i saw date movie. with out a doubt, that was the dumbest movie i've ever seen in my entire life. we were about ready to walk out of the theater it was so stupid. never in my life can i imagine enjoying such a tasteless classless film as this one. honestly... anyone who dares wasting their money on that movie deserves to be shot. (we used the gift certificates his mom got us for christmas therefore nobody directly spent money on it.... therefore we're safe.... lol) seriously... i just had to update to warn everyone. its not funny, its disgusting... and made me sad for the actors and their now flawed careers.

yesterday i made cupcakes for the break dancers (they have practice every tuesday, thursday and saturday) and i drew little stick figured breakdancers on them with this gel stuff. awww. i shall be known as the crew mom. *giggles because im just the cutest*

hmm.. thats all i suppose.
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02-22-06 6:45pm

Chad and I went to see that movie the day it came out because he really wanted to. Bad decision, neither one of us liked it either.

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02-23-06 12:11pm

whatever, that movie was awesome... Infact, I believe we need more irrelevant cinema to further dumb down the already cultureless personatilties of americans today... it's just the american way...

I kid, I would not doubt that that movie could be pretty stupid...

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02-23-06 3:17pm

I agree. You have to admit it did have some funny parts. Don't ask me what ones, but they were there. I just don't remember... summary, I want my 6.25 back. Ick.

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02-23-06 10:44pm

love you erika :0)

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