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mydecadesunder (profile) wrote,
on 3-3-2006 at 9:14am
Subject: in school
hey yo whats up i am in school right now i thought i would give sum new info i am dating the new kid ben hes alright but he likes crystal and he hits on her everyday well u know what i like justin gray and ya it reeal kool i broke my law of liking people younger than me and stuff but i also like a secret sumone who justin knows real well he like talks to him in school and stuff i suppose i think well ya 4 serious he is amazing abd like zach me and donny were at the basketball game and it was really fun like omg it was amzing ok well i think im im gonna go now and write to JUSTIN!GRAY NOT MARTIN OK L8R COMMENT ME PLEEZ
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hey hun!, 03-04-06 10:38am

well i think its ok to like someone younger than you! BUt seriously you deserve way better than ben specially if he hits on crystal so yea and you know how she is so he welll i just hope everything works out for you ya boy crazy chica ha well yea i'll always love you a million no matter what


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