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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 3-7-2006 at 2:57pm
Current mood: chipper
Music: Crossbreed - Push
Subject: Whore?
Ok, so this random chick messaged me from Myspace and wanted my yahoo name, so, being nice I gave it to her. She finally got around to talking to me today .... XD

babygirl4u101 moore: hey whos this?
zimwi_azali: Ah, Zane! From MySpace.
babygirl4u101 moore: ewhats ur link for myspace?
babygirl4u101 moore: oh yeah ur fucking hott
zimwi_azali: Heh heh.. thank you.
babygirl4u101 moore: ur welcome
babygirl4u101 moore: so u gatta girl?
zimwi_azali: Nope; enjoyin' the single life at the moment.
babygirl4u101 moore: awww u gatta cell phone?
zimwi_azali: Yes and no. I'm waitin' for them to send me a new battery for it 'cause it up 'n died on me. Sucks.
babygirl4u101 moore: yeah
babygirl4u101 moore has signed out. (3/7/2006 2:47 PM)
Note about the cellphone: I lied! HAH. It works fine, and is fully charged. =P

I think she just wanted my sexx'ahbody.
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03-16-06 5:31am

I think so too >_>

By the way, got 15 other ljungblut songs if you're interested.

o_o P.S
I came across your journal when I yahoo searched for ljungblut lyrics x.x

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