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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 3-9-2006 at 12:06am
Current mood: aggravated
hmph....i hate having to get things off my chest...and i know what i have to do, i just don't want to do it. ugh...sometimes i can be such a baby. but my heart is my heart and God is in it and with me.

yay Jesus <3
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03-09-06 8:43pm

Dani, what is up with you??

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03-09-06 9:31pm

its good to hear!!!. i tried finding someone with your number the other day...but no one had it. i was up in mount pleasent and wanted to visit you. havent hugged you in forever.

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Re:, 03-10-06 11:25am

oh poooo....i wish you had my number so i could have seen you!!!!!! i miss you so much and your hugs!!!! my cell is 616-648-2958...shhh..don't tell anyone haha... anyways, next time you're in the me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope all is well with you!! LOVE YOU!

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