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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2006 at 10:08am
today will be wonderful. i dont have to work, keegan doesnt have to work. its just an "us" day. i got to see him for like 3 hours last night after he got out of work before he had to go home.... and 2 1/2 of those hours we were sleeping. lol.

i started my brit lit paper last night. anybody else reading this will feel my pain. im doing mine on jack the ripper.... i almost had a break down last night about how there's no way im going to get it done in time. i mean... this week i have to write a 6-8 page research paper, a 5 minute speech, arrange everything for the talent show, work, i wont beable to get anything done on my paper on saturday because we're going to Ann Arbor for a BBoy battle. (hopefully i can use the schools camera) stupid mysterious murderer stressin me all out.
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03-12-06 1:02pm

I TOTALLY understand. I haven't done my works cited... just started on that and the paper. I'm way behind in my reading, plus my ed ex projects, and now that my mom broke her ribs I have to take care of most of the strenuous shit around here. I don't have time for anything it seems like.

Oh, and by the way, I really appreciate the support. I'm gonna need it, hopefully I can give you the scoop on it Monday or Tuesday, depending on if I get to go to this college fair thing tomorrow.

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03-12-06 3:43pm

I haven't even started my works cited.
Hows that for procrastinating?
Nor have I done a single stitch of research.
I pretty much... haven't done a damn thing.

I don't even know when it's due.

So, lol, don't feel too bad.

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Re:, 03-13-06 7:13am

OMG ME TOO! Haha. I have no idea when it's due, at least there is someone else out there who procrastinates as much as I do. And I JUST did my works cited this weekend, and only because she told me I had to have it in by monday lol.

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Re: Re:, 03-14-06 1:09am

Oooh, it's 1am tuesday morning, and I STILL haven't started.

Heh. I guess I HAVE to tonight.

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