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silverstar (profile) wrote,
on 3-13-2000 at 3:34pm
Current mood: annoyed
So I'm sitting here at this stupid PSSA tutoring because I'm a dumbass in Math and I failed that part. Now I'm in danger of not graduating which is complete BULLSHIT! I have all my credits, passed my graduation projects and came to this shit hole for 4 years...WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT?! There's probably like 15 of us that didnt pass and some of the kids that did pass really surprise me because they dont deserve it, just because they went to fucking votech means they can graduate. Votech is bullshit if you ask me. Everyone I talk to says they can do whatever they want there and its so easy. If I would have known I wouldnt graduate because of this shit I woulda done votech!
This is supposed to be "tutoring" but I'm not being tutored only one student is and I wanna fucking hang myself right now! lol Whatever Fuck School BYE:)
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03-14-06 5:51pm

Lmao. So pointless.

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