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Rachely (profile) wrote,
on 3-13-2006 at 9:04pm
I had the greatest weekend ever (well, since last summer at least). It was definitely the weather. Spent the night with friends on Friday, then we (Cassie, Terry, Mikey, & Sarah) spontaneously decided to go rollerblading on Saturday. Mikey and I didn't even have any so we had to go to Meijer to get some. We went 8 miles, which was stupid to do since I haven't rollerbladed for years and years, and now my legs hurt. Then I went with Cassie to Terry and Mikey's mom's house. She was drunk so she was funny. It was a good day. I can't wait till the weather stays nice and I can go out all the time. And I love you honey =]
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03-14-06 7:24pm

Awwh... that was sweet! I read that to Terry... he thought it was funny. Are you planning on hanging outside with us all summer? Have some news to tell you about long weekends...

Love You too!

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