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ImUgly (profile) wrote,
on 3-16-2006 at 7:03pm
Music: i will be with her tonite(toadies),wagon wheel(against me!)
Subject: ?.?
im driving down to venice tonight for st. patrick's days(tomorrow) with my dad so we can eat at James Place. we're taking his Maserati and putting the top down :). it only has a cassette player, so i spent today gathering my favorite cassettes and copying some cds onto tapes. its gonna be a good trip. sjkfl;
today was dumb. my mom had a doctors appointment, and i went with her for some dumb reason. then she had to go to her friend's house. then brett called and said he needed the papers to be notarised and stuff. so we drove across town, met him and his friends, picked up the papers from my dad, and drove across town again to get them signed.
im glad we're going to sarasota. im hungry for the columbia restaraunt, and that's where we're meeting "uncle roger"(my dad's financial consultant) tomorrow for lunch.
gotta finish this tape and pack and stuff. BYE!
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