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shinoakurei (profile) wrote,
on 4-1-2006 at 1:59am
Current mood: Vengeful
Music: Mercy Drive-Burn In My Light
Subject: Backstabbing no good lousy...
I hope to you're godess wicca boy, no kenneth not you.., that you really are too busy and there's just too much family stuff going on at the moment and thats why we couldn't hang out. Cause if I find out I got blown off for you're girl, Im gonna be royally pissed, likely beyond pissed. And before you even start to think that I've ever blown you off, just think, how many times have I blown you off...thats right, Not even for Meredith, I've always hung out with you. But whatever, If I'll always run second to her, then thats fine, but some fucking way to treat your so called brother.
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04-01-06 10:24am

April foolz

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Re:, 04-01-06 2:24pm

I wish.

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