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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 4-2-2006 at 5:49am
i don't know how i feel about going to bed right now. i had a really fun night. and i'm just thinking about all the cool stuff i'm going to do next year and it's making me tres 'appy.

here's a short list
inturmural soccer
volenteering at the kalamazoo psychiatric hos.
being able to go to the SRC
dsk more
outspoken-maybe a real member this time
social work stuff
hopefully arcadia again
big sisters
gilmore stuff
getting one of my minors
make a wish club with jenna
doing welcome week or orientation or being an RA

i'm gonna be living with meghan and i don't have any not so suite mates. aaaaannnnddd. i have a really cute boyfriend.

what a nice nice nice life.
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