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imugly (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2006 at 8:02pm
Music: dear god please help me(moz)
hello friends. today i went to the flea market. i got a 700 dollar record player for 20 bucs and it works really well. i have 13 records. i listened to my Against Me! record all day today. its really good. i never listened to it before today(because i never had a record player). i also have julian lennon. im ordering ahot water music/alkaline trio, elvis costello, dead kennedys, and probably another against me! record as soon as i get some money. i also got a really cool manual typewriter for 20 bucs. that also works really well as well lol. i wrote a letter to my penpal, and im writing a story. i have a money-spending problem. as soon as i get money i buy something dumb. or i say im gonna save it, but then i just go and spend it like the next day. i ordered 3 shirts on thursday using the money i made that day. that costed 48 bucs. wise, eh? and i still need to order 2 more shirts, i just dont like spending a whole lot of money at the same time.
ive been listening to ringleader of the tormenters all this and last week. i like it a lot.
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