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iron-cipher (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2006 at 8:52am
So yep it is actually me updating once in a while. I am sitting here at 9 o'clock on tuesday because I finally have a day off. It has been a long week. For those of you who don't know I started a job at Frito-Lay last week monday. It's a good job, but it is alot of physical work. Wery hard work. I walk about 12 miles a day, and lift over 6 thousand pounds by the time the night is over. Every muscle in my body is sore at the end of the night. The pay is good and I can't wait to see my first pay check, though of course it is all going toward rent. Anyway I am sad. I haven't seen rachel all week and from the sounds of it I may not see her until next week either. I work the weekends and she has been sick, her car is also kinda crapped out. I miss her alot. It's funny sometimes, you would think that it is the way that you feel when you are with somebody that would tell you that you love them, but if you see them all the time you don't notice it as much. Well I realized how much being apart and feeling like crap because the one you love is no where in sight can have the same effect. Everytime I want to share a moment with her or just wraps my arms around her and relinqish all my grief and anxiety to fate, and relax in the melodic rythm of her heart beating against my side, she is no there :( I love rachel so much and right now I miss her.

On another note I need some socail interaction please!!!!!!! I have two days off from work and I really want to get out of the house or see some old faces. *Cry for help* :P Peace all,

We Win!
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04-26-06 2:00pm

Hm, well my birthday is on Friday and I don't work on Saturday so I'll give you a call (or you call me) and we'll see if we can do something. ^_^

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