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deloric (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2006 at 1:11pm
I am happy.
and purple.
and really obscenely happy.

I am a Junior after Thursday. scary.
I will be moving back to Rockford on Friday.. and about a month after to Greenville..
If anyone wants to hang out thatd be pretty sweet. Especialy if you want to go live music + dance, or have a fire, or play DDR, or go kayaking. or canoeing. or bowling. or to hang out at a coffee shop. ... yep.

good luck on finals!
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04-25-06 2:55pm

Good luck on finals to you as well! ^_^

I'll be moving back to Rockyfurdo on Friday too.

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04-25-06 5:22pm

Man, your AP cred paid off that well?

I'll be done with classes next week. Rocks.

Good luck on your finals!

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04-26-06 1:41am

oh hey, don't think i've forgotten about the miles davis!

keep in touch over this summer. goodness knows i'll need brushing up on my german skillz. like, all the time. we're talking 24/7.

k. bye!!! : )

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Re:, 04-26-06 3:57am

yeah. keep in touch indeed. Though it might prove difficult [I live in the woods all summer :p] But I usualy periodicaly update woohu.

und mein deutsch braucht uebung auch. Hoeffentlich, werde ich mit eine Deutscherin arbeiten!

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