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ImUgly (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2006 at 9:59am
Music: soon we'll be dead(leftover crack/world/inferno friendship society)
Subject: our brains in our heads
i ran away last night. have you ever been with someone and felt you could do anything in the whole world, just because you were with that person? i feel like that every time i'm with ashley.
he came over yesterday. i tried to teach him violin, and he did quite well. then my dad came home and wouldnt let him borrow my violin. so we went outside. then i decided i wanted to go somewhere. so we did. we ran. and ran. and ran. all the way to live oaks. we sat on the bridge for a while and talked. and it was wonderful. really wonderful. by that time it was 1030 at night. a car came and we hid. it passed, then came back, then again and again. once it left, we jumped the fence and hid in someone's shrubbery at the col de sac. car headlights came around. then i decided it was time to head home. we walked and talked a little. when i could see my house, i saw people running back and forth and shouting and stuff. then my dad's car left the driveway. mario's mom was there. skip all the stuff i want to forget and everything i had put ashley through. im sorry about what happened, but im not sorry that it happened.
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