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ImUgly (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2006 at 8:44pm
Music: everybody wants to rule the world(tears for fears)
Subject: listen sucker!
Haus cut my hair. and i have to say, i love it! the first time she cut my hair, it was pretty bad. but i guess she's got the hang of it now. i love how it is so imperfect. ive got this group of long hair amidst the short hair, and it is so cute i had to give her a kiss on the cheek. i bleach and dye my hair quite often now. this morning, i was re-bleaching it, and i spilled some formula, and now theres stupid yellow dots all over the black pants Jesse gave me. Grr...
Yesterday was a funny day. Not like funny "haha" but funny as in odd. Start around 220. i was at the library. i called girl ashley cuz i had to pick something up at her house. so i started walking to her house, but i forgot what street she lives on. >.< i walked down a street that looked right at first. but after a little while i realized it wasnt right at all. i kept walking until somehow i ended up at the back of beals outlet. so i walked to the front, and i decided "hey since im here i might as well visit matt at hollywood video". i kept walking down the sidewalk to the shopping center where hollywood video is. as i got there, a red bmw stops and who gets out? Tom! he asked if he could give me a ride and i said yeah. so he drove me all the way to ashley's house. after i was finished at her house, i still wanted to go see matt. so i ended up walking all the way back to hollywood video. then i went to pet safari. then dunkin donuts. then back to the library to get picked up. drove all around town. got home around 9. did a ton of homework. that's pretty much it.
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