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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 5-17-2006 at 2:29am
Well, apparently the last real entry I've made her was back in December, so I figured I may as well update.

Rather little has been happening in my life as of late (and by the way, if ANYONE wants to do ANYTHING (well, okay, within reason), then for the love of all that is holy give me a bloody call!). I've been working at meijer again, much to my dismay. While the work itself is certainly not worthy of much complaint, the fact that I'm still walking around pushing carts with high schoolers and creepy old incoherent guys is more than enough to leave me looking for a change of summer vocation. At this point I'm even considering sucking it up and finally becoming a cashier (though I truly loathe the idea of having such a dull job...).

At home I've been pretty much bored out of my mind. My PS2 is still broke and I still really have no idea as to where I can go to get the damn thing fixed. My computer still functions rather well, but you can only play shooters and card games for so long before it becomes painfully boring. Still, I'm thinking of learning how to use the Source Developing Kit that came with my copy of Half Life 2 to build a few levels, and eventually maybe even a mod or two (I even already have a great idea for map that should be rather entertaining(Imagine, if you will, a deathmatch level that takes place on a bunch of floating structures suspended in the sky by balloons that can be popped(the potentials in strategy and havok are more than enough to make me grin a little))).

Also, I was able to write a page of my one of my stories tonight. It's really not much, but it's more than I've written in the past 3 months combined, and if I keep it up I'm certain I'll be able to make some decent progress in that story before the summer is out. Regardless, it feels damn good to get something written down.

Well, that's really all I have to say at the moment (like I said, things around here have been rather boring).

Va con dios mis amigos.
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05-17-06 8:59am

eDen might fix it.

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05-17-06 2:25pm


Huh? I think I have a cold ;p

I agree with Rachel, eDen probably can fix it.

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