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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 5-17-2006 at 9:53pm
Current mood: Tired
Music: Cassie & Ray J- (Me & You)
Havenít updated in awhile. Iíve been pretty busy lately . I work a lot now so thatís probably why. I donít really do anything except work and sleep lol. This week I work everyday! Oh well- good pay check will come with it lol. This weekend im probably going to the mall with Andrew, Kevin, and maybe Joey after church *Sorry Jord! :)*, so yay for shopping! Kerri comes home, likeÖ idk soon- so yay for that too.

So yeah thatís all I got. Leave some comments!!

<3 K

Happy Birthday Brianna! Hope It Was A Good One!:) *We need another 'Subway & Bowling' day soon! "Waky Waky... Eggs And Backey" Haha!
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05-18-06 1:27pm

Thank ya darlin'

Definately, You know my number was changed, give me a call this weekend and we'll have a girls night!


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Re:, 05-18-06 7:52pm

Well If Your Number Changed.... You Should Prob. Tell Me What YUour NEW Number Is Otherwise I Wont Be Calling! Lol.


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