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aushpog (profile) wrote,
on 5-20-2006 at 2:10pm
yeah, i was right. regretting what i posted.

i think the reason i was mad at my mom was because she's probably partially right. okay, maybe more than partially. i just need to say sorry to her, which will take a firm harnessing of my pride.

i guess i just needed to get that out... but lately i've been realizing that i get things out the wrong way. i pretty much explode, or just feel justified in my anger. to be honest, i'm probably the most selfish person i know.

but anyway... i'm ready for the day to get better, and i know apologizing to my mom will help. just, so much stuff going on. some of my best friends are graduating, my mom is handling marital issues, exams are here, i have to decide what school i'm going to (amidst people asking me constantly) while realizing that the real question is where GOD wants me to go, and all the while i feel like i have to keep myself perfectly composed.

i guess god's just saying... you have worth to me, things will be FINE, you are blessed and you don't even realize it...

for me, i guess i have those moments where everything coincides, and i collapse, and feelings come back, and blah blah blah.

but anyway, i'm fine now. that's all anyone needs to know.
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