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0x-FwAh-Em-ChAn-x0 (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2006 at 9:38pm
Current mood: Thoughtful
Subject: Jade and I don't want to be ballerinas when we grow up.
Jade: Um... She picks me up at about 4
Jade: So like... 4.20 ish?
Jade: Ha.
Jade: 4.20
Jade: The worst time of day
Jade: For Emily
Jade: =p

Emily: xD
Emily: Fuck you in the butt, kthnx.
Emily: <3

Jade: Why?
Jade: You like... hate stoners.
Jade: With a passion.

Emily: Yeah
Emily: I try not to, like.. when I think about it rationally, I know it's their choice and they're stupid asses
Emily: But I just get so.. angry..

Jade: Yeah.
Jade: I know.

Emily: I'm gonna grow up to slaughter stoners
Emily: I'm going to dissect them and try to find the stupid glands in their brainds

Jade: I'm gonna grow up to be a serial killer

Emily: That secretes stupidaphetamin

Jade: Well.
Jade: I think it's disgusting when people idolize serial killers.
Jade: So I'll give them something to idolize.
Jade: No
Jade: I don't think I would kill the people who idolize serial killers.
Jade: I think I would go after the people they love
Jade: And see if they still idolize killers.
Jade: Fucking bastards.

Emily: ECKS DEE.

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05-24-06 12:34am

Since when did ballerinas get involved in this?


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Re:, 05-24-06 10:21pm


Damn ballerinas..


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Re: Re:, 05-25-06 10:10pm

If I idolize ballerinas do I as well idolize those cereal killers too?!!onetothrea!!!ogiar487! And and and do I admire their drugs they par-take in their own bodilies?!?!?!?


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