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Namu (profile) wrote,
on 5-28-2006 at 3:48pm
A red pool of happy memories and a great lifestyle circules my finger now. I can see everything we ever had inside, i just have to take a peek without crying. I'm glad we saw eachother, I'm glad we talked, and I'm glad we even hugged. I wanted to burst out in tears though, and still might on the bus. But I don't regret anything we ever had. Te amo.

Thanks for a good day brookie, and I love you, and have a safe trip, and stay in comm with me, and we can make this time even shorter than last.

".....come what may....."
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05-28-06 7:42pm

yeah...sorry I cried. know. Life sucks without you.
Your bus just left.

Just...thank you for the best weekend I've had all year. And thank you for hugging me. I've been needing a hug for months.

And you know what? A few months isn't very long anyway, and if we make this time shorter than last time, and if we talk all the time, it'll be okay.

I love you too.
...I'm still sad though. But it's good sad.
Don't forget to listen to Angels And Airwaves!

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