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justplainolemica (profile) wrote,
on 5-30-2006 at 12:00am
Current mood: ouch
It's been 6 days now. 6 days and I still can't open my mouth. I'm still on drugs every 4 hours. I still can't eat food (sidenote: lost 12 pounds in 6 days). I still can't talk. I still can't swallow without flinching.
I'm going to the doctor in about a half hour. I'm hoping that he tells me this is all normal. That he expected it to be this rough. Cuz at home thats not what I hear. I hear that I should have been better by now. I should be talking. I should be eating. I shouldn't be in any pain.
But it is what it is and I can't really go back in time and take any of this back. So I've just gotta plug along and keep trying to get better.
I see myself taking baby steps. I sleep about 4 hours at a time now, which is great. I can open my mouth a little wider now. I can talk for longer periods of time. But it's not as good as I want to be. I think my right side is fine, its just that pesky left side.
I'll talk to the doc. Hope everything is ok.
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