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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2006 at 12:35am
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Subject: How You Know Your In Love
I Know I havent updated in over 4 months, Im a bad person, please hate me. But with a soon enough wedding coming up, I have been asked a lot of questions.

How Do you know shes the right one?
How Do you know your even in love?
Do You Know what Love is?

Etc etc etc.. nonsense from all my friends and family.

Well after tonights event my friends, I can assure you all that I am 100% in love with Melissa S. Younkin.

How you might ask ? Well my friends its easy...Almost

How does one explain a feeling that cannot be explained? Like when you brush her hair out from her eye and she smiles at you. How do you express that emotion between the two of you thats there, but yet you cant see, feel, or taste it? I know its there, but I was taut not to believe anything that I couldnt see with my own two eyes. Its like when you just sit there and stare at her when she sleeps and when she makes that little noise as she exhales that wants to be a snore but its not quite manly enough to be a snore and you just giggle inside. Or how about when your drive 2 hours to see her late at night down at her school but you only make it half way there to be run off the road by a 18-wheeler and get your car totaled.. but for her to barely even know you yet to drive an hour to come pick your sorry ass up even though she doesnt know how to get there, but yet she comes anyway because she has that feeling in her gut that he might be the one for her. Or how about when she has a bad day at work and calls you crying her eyes out but yet you had a bad day and you dont want to hear her moan, but you still listen to her because you know that deep down inside that dark hole there is a heart that wants to come out and care. Even though youre the biggest asshole in the world, she still somehow loves you for who you are and accepts it. How about when you go out in public and you get real excited because shes way to hot for you because youre an ugly sum bitch and you just love to walk down the street and think to yourself.. Yea shes with me you bitch. But what really topped it off was tonight, her sitting in my car and crying her eyes out, telling me basically that Im a bad boyfriend, (you know, not out right saying it but giving the clues) and that we dont go anywhere or talk about anything. But her crying so hard and so passionate that you started to cry yourself,(and I mean serious, when is the last time you saw me cry you fuckers, yea thats right, never) but held it in only to shed a few tears here and there, but then to tell her to stop crying, that you never do it because youre a man, and men dont cry, but yet were there crying right by her side. Then as you tell her that you love her more then anything the crying soon stops and shes still right by your side, even though youre an asshole. So thats how you know when youre in love my friends. When you can cry together in a passionate way, even if she doesnt know you were crying, you still shared an emotional moment... remember.. Love is an emotion.. You cant see, feel, or taste it...
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06-09-06 10:10pm

if she told you that you're a bad boyfriend and you cried, you're probably going to be a bad husband too jackass.

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Re:, 06-20-06 4:58pm

Yeah, John is a Pussy .. No doubt

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