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greyXmatter (profile) wrote,
on 6-4-2006 at 8:43am
Current mood: content
Music: 'Stars Go Blue' - Tim McGraw
Rob's coming home from Toga today... He went up there for the weekend to visit his mama and whatever. I miss him! I'm making him Rice Krispy Treats! I hope they come out good... You know, I'm not that great of a chef, even with something as simple as that. Lame! That's ok... it's from the heart. I mean come on. haha.

One week of school left!

June Sched:

June 13: Last day of school (For me, anyway)
June 17: GSMHA Horse Show - Triple Judged
June 18: Chammings/Cloverleaf shows
June 20: CAVITIES GETTING FILLED- Wisdom teeth out? Scared!
June 24: Casey's Eq. Center Community Service
June 26: Camp Starts
June 27: My birthday! 17 much?
June 30: My brother's Birthday, turning 18, Camp ends.
July 1: Party at my house- Giving pony rides and such. Great!

Busy busy mother fuckers- Btw, I got a new cell phone... Same exact number though, so don't worry about changing numbers... Just give me a mother fucking call! Thanks! 908 797 2825

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