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selidor (profile) wrote,
on 6-6-2006 at 10:01pm
Subject: AFI

AFI on T4

The female presenter is a shallow bitch, but the interview and random members of the public was fun to watch.
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06-07-06 2:53pm

I think they should have tryed a little harder to actually talk to people that may LIKE the AFI style more- not an old lady and some middle age men. Also you are so right about the pompus bitchy shallow woman.

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Re:, 06-09-06 2:57pm

Yeah... I mean to not like a band because the vocalist wears blue eyeshadow...?

And I think they were deliberately picking random people. They were in Camden, so if they'd picked anyone else they might already have been fans, knowing the sort of people you get in that part of London.

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