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biodomer (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2006 at 9:18am
Current mood: tired
Subject: Er...
I need a comp of my own. This is pathetic. Truly. I love the internet with all my heart, but this long-distance relationship between my computer and I is tearing me apart. So I'm hereby starting a "GIVE CAITLIN A COMPUTER OF HER OWN, GODDAMNIT." So do it. DO IT.

I'm gonna go because I have to lead a carwash for the band. *band geek...cough cough... cough* ...yesh... so


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06-10-06 1:16pm

Nice to know your still around woohu. :)

When you tried to talk to me, I was actually searching through the gigantic music collection that is the {DS} Downward Spiral 1st LAN party. A group of 20-25 ppl who all play UT2k4 together. We've gone to events before, but this is our first thing for just us. Its good fun. And Good free music.

I counted 200gig of music that I could take, but didnt have space for.

Now onto the geekfest fun!

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