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0x-FwAh-Em-ChAn-x0 (profile) wrote,
on 6-23-2006 at 1:25pm
Current mood: Relieved, content
Subject: HUZZAH.
I don't have strep, I have tonselitis!
Jadie, I'll probably be over tomorrow. Maybe. I think.
And I get AMOXICILLIN to make it better ^---^
The thick, pink, bubble-gum-ee stuff.
I haven't had it since I was liek.. 10.
I'm definitely feeling more happy. Really tired, but content.
And I just ate.
So that's good, too.
My throat hurts.

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Ello ^^, 06-23-06 3:07pm

Um, call me when you know for sure if your goin'- so I can confirm with my dad with transportation..

That sounded so techinical. ''confirmation with father in transportation.''
XD yeah. bubble-gumish medicine is so amusing.
Just make sure you don't run out and get cherry flavored medicine....*~cringe*~
I think I'd stick with the sore throat if I did.

<3 Na.

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