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BleedingHeart (profile) wrote,
on 6-24-2006 at 10:51am
Subject: so this is how i feel...
about many diffrent items....

1. sorry, i miss hanging out with you.
2. taking my weeked away from me sucks, need the money though.
3. i guess brittany spears wasn't enough for you.
4. its my happy place.
5. i just dont know about you sometimes.
6. i really want you to visit, but don't bother if its too much of a hassle.
7. wish my house was um, not how it is.
8. way to only hang out when theres alcohol involved.
9. and you, idk what to say. i want to end things, but then again i dont.
10. p.s dont yell at me for what i dont want, try 9th and 10th grade in my posistion. thanks.
11. we are kids. let me be already.
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