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Jacqui-Chan (profile) wrote,
on 6-30-2006 at 10:21pm
Current mood: drained
Subject: High school is closer to the core of the American experience than anything else I can think of. -Kurt Vonnegut
Yea, I got to here about Ken's hot date the other night. I'm making a list of the things that the guys at work tell me that I do NOT want to know. (not really... it would be WAY too long.) I just think it's funny. Those guys think I'm so innocent... so pure... so naive. They have no idea what I've done, or more what I do. It really does make for an interesting time. I won't tell them unless they ask... so I suppose they'll never know.

I don't like Bryan. I pretty much decided that after the first date... but I hung out with him a couple more times just to confirm. He's just too, I don't know, goody goody or something. He's never ever had a girlfriend, he is super super religious, and he's a MAJOR mama's boy. It drives me CRAZY. I want to like him, mostly because everyone else wants me to, but I just can't. Is there no happy medium between Mr. I've-slept-with-everyone and Mr. I-can't-touch-her-she's-a-GIRL! Ugh. Honestly, I just want a normal guy. Wait, does that exist? Probably not. Well, sort of. I guess there could be guys who've had girlfriends but never slept with them before... hopefully. Wow, it's sad that I even have to think that.

Oh speaking of boys... JD is such a psychopath. I shit you not. He is the most confusing, nutso kid I've ever met. He doesn't want to date me... he just wants to mess around with me. And that's basically fine because I enjoy that too. But at some point it gets weird. Whenever I'm with another guy he gets all jealous and protective... which is retarted since I'm not his property, but whatever. I just would like to know where I stand. Like, he told me that I have to bring him with me to Coast Guard festival agian and he wants to go with us to Sparta for Town and Country days. Then he called me baby at Hobby Lobby today, went out of his way to go past my house Tuesday when Bryan was over, and called me at 10 to make sure Bryan was gone. But he doesn't want to date me... he likes Katie and Shae too. AND to top all of this craziness off, any time I mention how silly this whole thing is he say's I make him feel like an ass. (Which by the way I really don't mind!) He makes life SO confusing... way more than necissary. But I like him still. He's cute and AMAZING... yea... we'll leave it at that. Plus I love to cuddle with him... having his arms around me makes all my problems dissapear, because with him I feel safe. I love it. Too bad it'll all go away when we go off to college. Oh well, for now I guess I'll enjoy the good times and ignore the bad. As usual.

Okay enough babbling about things that will bore you to death. I'll check ya' later. Chao loves.

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07-01-06 1:17pm

The Shae girl from sparta?

Oh man, did I hate her. Ewww.

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Re:, 07-01-06 2:23pm

Yea that's the one. Why'd you hate her so much? I don't really know her... just met her once and we didn't talk or anything.

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Re: Re:, 07-02-06 1:14pm

I guess she has been a friend of the family for like.. ever. I don't know. Everytime Jay and I broke up she was on him like white on rice. She always tried taking him from me. It just peaved me a little I suppose. Mama T knows how I feel about her as well. She went to my house one time with Diana and I was furious!!!

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