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Jacqui-Chan (profile) wrote,
on 7-15-2006 at 3:38pm
Current mood: aggravated
Can't you just take ten seconds for me anymore? Is it impossible!? You think I want you to spend every waking moment with me... but that's not the case. I love hanging out with my friends and family... I need time for them and myself too. But I would like to see you more than ten minutes a week. We haven't hung out in a week and a half or more. Yet you say that I'm being selfish asking why you have to hang out with Nick and Logan all weekend and then into the week, and sleep over at Matt's for days at a time. You wouldn't even come over when my grandma died to help make me feel better! You were too tired from hanging out with your shit ass friends all night the night before!!! Well I'm sorry that her death came at an inconvenient time for you! Ass hole. You constantly call me your best friend, tell me we'll get married someday, tell me that you love me. Well if you ask me that's a crock of shit. You don't hang out with people you feel that way about only once in a while... you hang out with them at least twice a week... for longer than an hour. I know I have a job and softball, so I don't get as much time to just lounge around with my friends... but you could at least try to hang out with me when I have time. Not avoid me completely. I can't even believe you had your arm around me at that car show. You ignored me basically all day, unless it was to prove you knew my grandpa and his friends. I told you I would only see you for a couple minutes because that's always what happens when you're with your friends, but you wouldn't believe me. Proved ya' wrong again. I'm sick of being you 100th priority. I want to be at least in your top five. So give it a rest with the I love you, you're my best friend crap... I don't believe you anymore.
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07-16-06 4:08pm

*hugs* I'll beat him up for ya Jek. Honest I will. If he isn't smart enough to hang out with you he's not worth your tears. Luv ya Jekyll.

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