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ImUgly (profile) wrote,
on 7-20-2006 at 8:07pm
brett is always fun to talk to. one to go to when you need a compliment

BrettIsNice: mmmmm. moldy crutons. id trade my right leg for a moldy cruton right now.
BrettIsNice: then id see how many my left is worth
BrettIsNice: one would be enough
FlydLiceNSupplys: ahahahaha
FlydLiceNSupplys: hey how are you?
BrettIsNice: not as good as id be if i had a moldy cruton in my mouth
BrettIsNice: but not bad
BrettIsNice: how about yourself
BrettIsNice: stunning i assume
FlydLiceNSupplys: stunning?
BrettIsNice: um... websters might define stunning as breathtaking, causing a temporary pause in life to savor the subtle flavor that is elsie
FlydLiceNSupplys: aw stop it youre making me blush
BrettIsNice: mmm. but youd look good with all that blood ocupying your face
FlydLiceNSupplys: ahahaa
BrettIsNice: they say the mark of beauty is a rose. a blush is the next best thing
FlydLiceNSupplys: you sure know how to charm someone
BrettIsNice: why thankyou. i took 'being a player 101' on the internet last night
FlydLiceNSupplys: hohohoh
BrettIsNice: i like this new santa laugh
BrettIsNice: very original
BrettIsNice: and quite intriging for i rememeber an old saint nick being infamous for possesing rosie red cheeks, no?
BrettIsNice: coincidence? i think not. admit it. santa died in 1990ish and was reincarnated as elsie

if i could i wouldve posted the entire conversation. brett is way too much. so much funny. omg i just realized i never posted about his birthday. well it was the day after em-jay's. we spent the day/night/day jumping on trampolines, playing on playgrounds, going to the theatre, getting free pizza, roaming the city of tallahassee. and it was amazimg. not to mention the few other enjoyables we did.
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