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shinoakurei (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2006 at 9:27pm
Current mood: okay
Music: Rob Zombie- Return of The Phantom Stranger
Subject: Woo! My Life is a running at the moment.
So wow, alot has happened since the last update...imagine that, seems to be what happens when you update less than once a month no? Well I'll try to update this one, its just hard to write alot sometimes. See I come home, I write my shoot promo's for my myspace profile for our wrestling group, I write the management notices, and then I write legit stuff about me. Then theres website creation which takes forever....and I mean FOREVER. Then some mornings Im like, I really should update woohu, Im just tired and I sleep.

So in other news, I recently hurt my back, and I had to be on muscle relaxers and an anti-inflamitory which made me really tired, but I was all better by saturday. So I spent all of saturday almost outside in the heat writing and taping and thinking and wrestling till it got dark, and damn was I cold by the end of the night.

So really thats all the fun stuff, been working alot, going to go camping this weekend, should be fun, lets hope so.

Well night night or good morning folks.
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08-05-06 11:47am

I called a psychic hotline to see what happens to you while you're in WV.

You're going to be fucked in the ass by some random good 'ol boy with a penis as large as his forearm. He has large forearms. You'll then be orally raped by a clown.

Have fun.

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Re:, 08-05-06 11:47am


That was from me, Jesse, just so you know.

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