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Jacqui-Chan (profile) wrote,
on 8-19-2006 at 10:13pm
Current mood: pleased
Music: crickets
Subject: Amazing
Josh. I just love the name. He brings out a part of me that I didn't know existed. I feel perfect with him. I can't stop smiling when I'm with him and when I think about him. It's AWESOME. My friends love him, my family loves him, I like him a LOT... it's amazing. Plus his brother is in love with me and his friends and I get along GREAT! We already talk about "our" kids and "our" house and where we'll live. It's weird... but cool. He even wrote a song about the situation we were in with JD... it's WAY sweet to me. He says that he's waited so long for me and that he's not scared to stand up to JD for me even though he would probably get killed, because for me it's worth it. It was AMAZING!!!! He's amazing. This whole relationship is perfect. I absolutely adore seeing him. We hung out until around midnight last night, then today I saw him at two and he goes, "Did ya' miss me?" I thought it was cool, he said even a few hours is too long to not see me. I tell ya', I have to best boyfriend on the planet. NO DOUBT!!!!

Anyway, I'll stop babbling now. Check ya' later loves.

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08-19-06 11:18pm

Aw, Jaaaaacqui, that is so sweet. Danny and I are like that too, except... I don't get to actually see him yet. =P I'm really happy for you. Josh is a cool guy.

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Re:, 08-20-06 4:48pm

thank you doll! When is Danny coming to see you? Or are you going there? And what happened to going to his graduation? I'm WAY out of the loop here!

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Re: Re:, 08-22-06 11:43am

Well, there were a few complications in that plan, AKA my mom. I'm planning on visiting him sometime during Christmas break. And HOPEFULLY, if I make it into UArts in Philly, I'll see him all the time. (:

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