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jacqui-chan (profile) wrote,
on 8-27-2006 at 8:26pm
Current mood: tired, but HAPPY
Subject: Stone Sour -Looking at you through the glass
Josh told me he loves me. And I believe it. When we look at eachother it's like there's no one else in the world. I love that. I new I'd fall in love with him. You can tell it'll happen immediately. I love love love being in love. He treats me like a princess. You know the only argument we've gotten in so far is over who's more perfect. I say he is, he says I am. We're just always happy to be together. I like that a lot. Our relationship is completely perfect (at least so far...).

Oh wait, I forgot. There is one thing that is not so perfect. His mom. See, she seems to think we spend too much time together. She told him not to get too attatched. My parents think she's crazy. They LOVE Josh... they think he is it. They talk about him like he's their son-in-law or something. My Mom is even driving him all the way to Calvin Christian tomorrow just so that he can go to a baseball game with Steph and I. That does NOT happen. I just don't get why his mom doesn't want us to hang out so much. I keep trying to figure out what I did wrong... but I can't find anything. I hope I didn't do something bad that I didn't realize was bad at the time. I just want her to like me. His dad seems to, and Tyler is in love with me. Ty hangs out with just me and is perfectly fine with it. It's just his mom... which, by the way, is the last person you want not liking you. UGH!!!!

Anyway, I've gotta' jet. Love ya' all. See ya' tomorrow... if you're at school that is. Peace out.

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08-31-06 11:51pm

Jacqui... from personal experience it's probably not that she doesn't like you. She probably has that "mother complex" that all moms do about their sons. She probably thinks that there will never be a girl good enough for her son, and you shouldn't take it personally. Just prove her wrong. And it's also probably not a personal dislike--- think of it more along the lines of she doesn't want someone to break his heart.

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Re:, 09-01-06 6:30pm

Thanks Jordan, it makes me feel a little better knowing that it's probably not me that she dislikes. Hopefully I can prove her wrong!
See ya' on Tuesday.

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