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Iron-Cipher (profile) wrote,
on 9-13-2006 at 10:41am
Not that they will probably see this but I made a few people sigtings today. While waiting in the ridiculously long line for the bostwick parking ramp I saw Kate and her mother walking down the side walk, well kate was doing more of a hobble seeing as how she was on crutches. I also Saw Jess with her boyfriend Robby walking along the side walk. She has pretty long hair compared to when I saw her last, anyway she looked quite melancholy. So yeah I finally saw some people I know, but ironically that is all I did is see them no talking :( Have a nice rainy day all.
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10-06-06 2:30am

HEY!! I didn't know you go to GRCC.. yeah, I go to GRCC too.. we should definitly meet up sometime and catch up!! What do you think?

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12-04-06 2:28pm


i found someone who wants to move into the room. he wants to tonight, actually if possible, but neither he nor i can seem to get a hold of any of you. could you possibly email me or call me and let me know if that's okay.


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