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imugly (profile) wrote,
on 9-19-2006 at 11:50am
Music: sign of the zodiac (rasputina)
Subject: i know what you need
i havent posted in here in a looong time. im sorry.
i just got back from chicago. it was very fun. the weather was beautiful. actually, we just drove around the whole time cuz we rented a car. i like the last time we went better cuz we stayed right down town and walked or took the subway. and we didnt have to pay 39 bucs a night for parking.
oh yeah, and by being there, i missed michal graves being in ocala. -_-; not cool at all. especially when all my friends are like "man wasnt that show amazing??!" and im like "i wasnt even there" and theyre like "oh.... where were you?" becuase they didnt even realize i was gone. what great "friends".
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