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0x-FwAh-Em-ChAn-x0 (profile) wrote,
on 9-24-2006 at 4:46pm
Current mood: Indifferent?
Music: Some nonsense my dad's listening to.
Subject: So yesterday..
Was good.
I needed that. A good day off with a friend and a bit of retail therapy, before something of a night out. It was theraputic.

I struck out with this kid named Matt on Friday - it was pretty ghey - so I wasn't feeling too good, miriet?
So after school around 5 I walked to Eli's house. His mom wasn't having a good day either -- it was the anniversary of her marriage. She's divorced now. Poor lady. So yeah. He showed me the stuff he got while he was in Japan over the summer. It was pretty great.

I walked home just before 6 and watched gramma make dinner with my mom. What are we going to do when she leaves? Die, probably XD Yuh. So then we ate and then good ol' Gram, ma, and I went to Target.

I saw Heather! ^^ Yeyyyy! She works at Target. Good stuff. So I found a bunch of the CUTEST beads - colored mini dice, animals, stars, hearts, letters, all sorts of stuff - for a buck a box. Totally stocked up. Kandi tiiime. I looked at all the Halloween stuff and sweet god. Do I love Halloween. It's just so.. great. I bought a couple of black metal lanterns - so cute. Omfg. I love them. I got some black and orange tea lights, too ^^! Yeyy!

So we bought all our nonsense and it was 'bout 10, and we were right near Jade's. So I called her, but she didn't pick up. We drove over anyways and I tried to get in, but it was all locked up. Jade was asleep, of course, 'cause she sleeps all the time, but never when one should. =p

Ennnyywaayyys. I went home. I went on the computer for a bit but I was too bored. 'Bout 12 I went into my room and beaded 'til 1. I made a cell phone charm thing =x It has a purple turtle on it ^^

So I woke up 'bout 11:30 the next morning and got dressed. I ate a couple pieces of toast and we went to pick up Naomi. Gram, ma, Na, and I stopped by the Boynton mall on our way home to get to the Hot Topic 'cause Naomi wanted to try and find a purple corset there for her Cheshire cat costume ( since my party's on the 7th of October ) and yuh. She ended up finding a corset and a dress in Charlotte-Russe -- cutest little things ever. She's so adorable. I love Naomi.
I tried on some stuff there, too, but I'm too fat for everything. It's really depressing.

Anyways. We went home and watched Benchwarmers -- funniest shit ever. I loved it. Afterwards we chilled with the family and then left for the show at Boomers at 8. Chris got us in without having to buy bracelets, but we had to hide our wrists the whole time. We finally decided we didn't feel like waiting until 10 for [dot]EXE to play, so we walked over to Muvico and found Andrea and her boi. We got tickets for The Covenant at 10:45 - so we really could have stayed for [dot]EXE - and took some pictures in the booth. Cutest stuff in the world.

The Covenant was fucking awesome. So. Great. And all the actors were really. Hot. And it was awesome. So good e-----e I would watch that again. A few more times.
It was cool because it kind of interlocked with The Crucible - a play about the beginning of the Salem Witch Trials - that Na and I are reading in english. We're just liek "OMFG, PUTNAM BARN" -- it was great.

We got out at 12:35 and decided we'd have to hang out with Andrea more often 'cause it was a lot of fun. She invited us to go out to eat or something 'cause we really didn't feel like going home yet, but knowing my pole-up-her-ass mom she wouldn't let me do a damn thing like that. Especially since that weekend of mass destruction. She was so paranoid about Na and I leaving Boomers to see a movie. She's liek "Are you sure..? Are you sure you're doing that?" and I was just waiting for her to ask if I was lying.

It's hard not to sound suspicious when people are suspicious of you. It sucks.

Yeah. So we went home and went on a walk for a half an hour 'cause we really didn't feel like being pent up yet. Of course, my mom got suspicious about that, too. I might as well just walk around with a lie-detector hooked up to me so she can see if I'm lying or not. Maybe then she'd trust me a bit more.
I doubt it.


We came back and I beaded for an hour or so, and Naomi worked on her play and then we went to bed.

We got up at 12 and Na went home about 3:30 - 4. I made a shelving unit and cleared out some boxes from my room and now Jade and I are talking about self-pity.

I feel really skeptical right now. Or judgemental or cynical or something. I don't know. But not really.. nice. Maybe.. indifferent.

I suppose I don't care..

I don't know.

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Oh?, 09-25-06 6:07pm

That was fun.
I love Andrea.
And Panda's are SO GENIUS.


~Na. <3
I'm having so much fun writing names, etc, in Elvish.

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10-01-06 12:41am

Oh, NOW I see where you put the date.

Did we scare the shit out of you or what?
^^; Eh heh heh, I didn't think you updated recently..


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Re:, 10-01-06 10:10pm

No nooo, you didn't scare me, I just felt so GUILTY that I didn't do better to inform you! I'm so sorry again!

But you kinda looked more liek a cat than a mouse.. <--<;;


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Re: Re:, 10-02-06 1:30am

Yea, I know. >>;

That's what I thought too. I got me-self some better ears.
And I'll have to make due with the tail. T- T


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