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imugly (profile) wrote,
on 10-7-2006 at 3:50pm
the god of mischief sooo saved my ass today.

FlydLiceNSupplys: i am sooo glad ashley's grounded and GE wont pick up his phone
FlydLiceNSupplys: i just talked to my dad to ask where he is cuz he didnt tell me where he was going
FlydLiceNSupplys: and you will not believe where he is
FlydLiceNSupplys: HES AT HIS OFFICE!
one HitW0nderful: HAHAHA!
one HitW0nderful: :-)
one HitW0nderful: I totally predicted that
one HitW0nderful: you
one HitW0nderful: can kiss my ass for that one
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