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brucerey43 (profile) wrote,
on 10-10-2006 at 1:18am
You know something, Yeleni told me something the other day that made me think. I can't say what or exatly what it was about but I think she may be right. After what happened last friday, it does indeed make sense. Either that or I actually have a friend who is half assed sincere, which is rare it seems down here. I have been feeling really lonely lately, really distant from most of my friends. Carl and Andres, I haven't seen them since they went to Univ of Tampa almost two months ago........ and Dee is consumed with her own life of getting wasted, Yeleni is just busy, and I'm just working every weekend into eternity. Overall, I mean yes im in college and yes im taking care of my mom but it's extremely difficult doing it alone. I'm only 19 (well almost 20), but it's tough............ mentally and emotionally. To top it off, I'm not exatly the most popular person on the earth friend wise. I'm really debating putting a link to this back on facebook, although I'm afraid of a certain someone reading what I have in some of these older entries. Yes *blushes* I actually do have feelings for someone and am human. Thats a whole other story though, well not really it is at least part of why im so sad. I mean at the very least I like this person. Hopefully I will get to go starbucks this week with Adrienne and Nate, to hang out and stuff. I need to get away from all my problems, which won't ever happen but I can always wish can't I? Midterm for US to 1877 this week, bleh. So if anyone wants to comment they can do it anymously and put their name in the subject bar so i know who it is. Since you can't unless your a member on here, or at least I think thats how it works.
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