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ears (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2006 at 3:49pm
Hey, What's up? How's everyone doing?
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10-18-06 8:53pm

Tom! Good to hear from you!

I'm okay, pretty bored, at college and stuff... nothing unusual... how about yourself?

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10-19-06 12:15am

Quality Tom, just quality. Hope you are as well.

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10-19-06 11:45am

Glad you're alive. I'm good, life is good, school is good.

How're you?

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10-19-06 12:22pm

Hi, I was just talking to you yesterday online before you decided to ABANDON me ;p Just kiddin. I'm tired, just finished eating leftover taco salad (that I made, therefore it's the best damn taco salad anyone'll ever eat), and want to take a shower before heading to my afternoon class. Art. Blargith.

How're you?

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