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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 10-29-2006 at 3:40am
Alright, so this weekend has been unbelieveably awesome. Moreso than I would dare try to explain tonight. I will, however leave you with a few teasers before I make a more detailed post on the matter sometime later.

-A girl hits on me in a hilarious way

-2 awesome parties


- partial nudity

-Qdoba nacho bar


-burlesque show

-dog the bounty hunter


-jello shots
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10-29-06 4:03am

Um, Dog is out of jail now? Blood? Burlesque show? Little confused now...

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10-29-06 11:26am

Sounds interesting....

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10-29-06 12:33pm

Brett i don't think the boobs part is very cool : [ it is objectifiying womens

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10-29-06 1:20pm

Piercings? Does that go along with the partial nudity?

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10-29-06 3:44pm

The suspense is KILLING me.

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