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brucerey43 (profile) wrote,
on 11-1-2006 at 9:53pm
Music: Hawthorne Heights-This is who we are
I wonder if anyone really reads much of what I have to say on here aside from the few people i know. Lately life has been kind of so so. Grades are going well for this semester, only a few more projects and assignments that require actual work and then its finals time. I really wish I had more friends to do stuff with who lived here, my social life is kind of lame a lot of times it seems. I've had a rough month emotionally just missing people and wanting someone to be there for me emotionally but no one really is it seems. I do feel somewhat close to a few people, but not enough to really tell them whats really wrong with me. Well If i had a girlfriend or someone to really confide in then things would certainly be better. I have friends but not neccessarily on the level I really need sometimes. Especially with my mom being sick and stuff and now the fact that I basically don't eat when im upset or stressed coming into play I just don't know. It takes a lot for me to admit that theres actually something wrong. I tried to ignore but im beginning to realize that I can't anymore. I'm dealing with it though, im certainly paying more attention to eating and stuff. Financially things are going okay, basically if my mom doesn't work soon then i won't be able to take care of her anymore. It's really draining anyways, so i dont honestly want to. I need someone to love me and make things easier, and i really dont have that and it makes things so much harder. :-( I'm going to sit around and wait until 1201 am so i can make my schedule for next semester and then go to bed.
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