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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2006 at 3:33pm
So we made it to the library today :-)

Caleb is doing so well. He's sleeping right now though. I thought I'd post some more pictures. Sorry the other ones were so big. Actually, I'm running out of time so some pics might still be huge. oops.

This is right after delivery.
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This is with Daddy
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I think he looks like a little jailbird. He's a week old in this picture.
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11-03-06 6:20pm

Wow! He is the sweetest little guy ever Hilly! You're a lucky mommy!

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Re:, 11-03-06 6:21pm

You'll have to bring him into the tanner sometime, if you're back in Cedar so I can see him. Call first to make sure I'm there though, my schedule changes all the time! 835-5322

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11-03-06 9:02pm


yeah but it's cool

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11-05-06 10:40pm

your baby is a bad ass in stripes.
true story.

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