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brucerey43 (profile) wrote,
on 11-13-2006 at 10:19pm
An update on my life

1) College is going well, getting killed with papers this week but once they are done things get easier for me. Can't wait for this semester to end= pain in the ass but my grades are good so can't complain too much.

2) Moving out in may or june, I really can't tell everyone how excited i will be to be away from my mom and live somewhere nice. I hate living where i live right now just in general, and my mom certainly doesn't help any. My mom really has thrown my nerves upside down and doesn't really help herself, and even if she did i cant keep paying all her bills like this. I'm paying $2100 a month and bills and simply can't do it anymore. Leaving will cut my bills by like $700 a month. If anyone wants a roommate or knows someone who does around the summer time let me know. Preferably in fort myers or near FGCU. May move in may to my uncles in the cape and then move again to campus in august. Not sure yet, but im beginning to plan now so if you have anything or know anyone let me know ASAP. Probably looking for a move in date sometime between May and August.

3) Relationship wise things have really sucked lately. Part of the reason im moving is not only to get away from my mom but because i feel this disconnect living so far from school. I want to actually be with someone who cares about me, because for the first time in a while im actually beginning to realize that im not happy. It has nothing to do with money really, sometimes i just feel really alone and everyone i talk to has their own lives and it's just so hard to explain. Sometimes I just need to know everythings okay just to calm and comfort me and make me feel better and lately I have had everything but that. I just can't explain it anymore, all i know is that where my life is at can't stay this way. I honestly don't know how to fix things, but i know they need to get fixed. If you stand behind me and help me through all of this then great, if you don't well then great too. I'm not going to say that i couldn't use the help though.

Overall things in my life aren't bad but aren't great either. Either way im not happy, but im changing things so that I am. I'm not trying to whine about stuff, because I have and still am very lucky. That being said, I wish things were better. Things will eventually be but only because im making them that way. I'm just determined to be happy and thats it.


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